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Pleasant Mountain


Town: Rockport

Miles of Trail: .9​

Connects To: Spruce Mountain

Trail Features:

A climb along the slopes of Mt. Pleasant lets hikers appreciate the gradual progression of forest up the mountainside. From blackberry patches to blueberry fields, the trail crosses a wide breadth.  It terminates where it meets an unofficial ATV road with wonderful views of Meadow Mountain, the Camden Hills, and Penobscot Bay. 


The GHP does not continue but unofficial pathways access the summit. Be very careful to not get lost as they are confusing! For intrepid hikers, Mt. Pleasant Trailhead provides access to Spruce Mountain and then Ragged Mountain.

The trail is virtually all uphill with many large steps and hummocks in the trail. Seasonally, it can get quite muddy where multiple streams cross the trail.

There is an informal parking area on Mt. Pleasant Street that bisects the trail section between Pleasant Mountain and Spruce Mountain. Travel 2.3 miles on Mt. Pleasant St. from Route 17 to the vehicle pull-out area on the right shoulder.

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