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We protect nature for the health of our local communities



Reduce global warming
Increase carbon storage
Keep air and water clean
Protect ecosystems
Prevent overdevelopment
Defend against flooding
Support local economies
Access the outdoors
Preserve scenic beauty




4,793 total acres
20 preserves
50 conservation easements
70+ miles of trails
$ 7,212,414 in assets

2023 Projects


Rockland Bog Trails

We’re working with local residents to improve trails and signage in the Rockland Bog and promote its care and stewardship. We don’t want to lose what makes it special– its wildness. 


550 New Acres Underway

We’re protecting new lands in every section of our watershed.

Including a working farm, additional river frontage, and lands that will provide additional access to the Rockland Bog.


Accessible Trails

We’re rerouting and restoring overused trail sections and making new trails more accessible for hikers, cyclists, and slow movers to enjoy.

Got Land?

As a land trust, we conserve lands that offer significant value in capturing carbon, protecting biodiversity and are highly resilient in the face of a changing climate. We protect these lands permanently through acquisition, acceptance of land donations or through conservation easements. 


To find out if your land might be a possible candidate for conservation, please take a moment to complete this assessment.

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