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The Hall Preserve

allen brook.jpg

Town: Appleton

Miles of Trail: 0​

Acres: 15

Trail Features:

The Hall Preserve consists of two parcels that total 15 acres with 950 feet of waterfront.


Eastman Meadow is on the eastern shore of the Georges River, north of Sennebec Pond at the mouth of Allen Brook.

Eastern Meadow contains a silver maple floodplain forest, with a rare, bluejoint meadow community.


The wildlife habitat in Newbert Meadow is of special interest. The protected stream bank of the brook and the shallow reed beds at the mouth of the stream, make it an ideal location for loons to nest and beaver to forage.

Marion Hall donated both parcels of property in 1994 as a memorial to her late husband, George.


Both parcels of the Hall Preserve are predominantly wetlands and are only accessible by boat from Sennebec Pond. Public use is discouraged at this time.

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