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Rockland Bog Trail

The Rockland Bog is a hidden gem in Midcoast Maine containing a 700-acre peat bog surrounded by 5000 acres of woodlands. 


This respectable 7-mile trail gives the illusion of greater length by climbing hills, running along rivers, crossing through clearcut timber stands and past a glacial erratic. Mountain bikers enjoy the trail for its variety and challenge. Be aware of wet weather and come prepared! The trail is often wet with many rocks and some steep inclines.


A new bridge over the Oyster River near Route 90 has recently been put in. The Keene Brook bridge has been flooded by beaver activity and requires rerouting along logging roads.  


There is a confusing network of active and abandoned woods roads in this area so be careful to stay on the trail by following the blue blazes.


The parking lot at the northern end of the trail is on Route 90, 1.8 miles west of the intersection of Routes 90 and 17 in West Rockport. The parking lot at the southern end of the trail (Jack Baker Woods) is on Beechwood Street in Thomaston, 3.3 miles south of the intersection of Beechwood Street and Route 90.

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