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Thomaston Town Forest

The combination of the Oyster River Bog and Thomaston Town Forest sections of the Georges Highland Path provides a continuous 11-mile hiking and biking experience that connects Route 1 in Thomaston to Route 90 in Rockport.


A local resource for recreators of all kinds, the Thomaston Town Forest has single track hiking along the Georges Highland Path, multiple trail loops for mountain bikers, and access for both groups into the Rockland Bog.


The Georges Highland Path travels through the mixed forest from Route 1 where it overlaps with the town's multiuse trail for a mile before diverging to follow the course of the Oyster River.  It offers beautiful views and passes the “Split Rock” Glacial Erratic.

From Route 1 there is some uneven terrain and narrow bridging. The multi-use trail from Booker St. is generally even with some embankments and curved hills for bikers but wider boardwalks. The northern half of the GHP has multiple short steep sections.


Parking at the northern end, head north from the Route 1 stoplight in the center of Thomaston, on Beechwood St. for 2 miles. The Jack Baker Woods parking lot is on the left. There are two parking areas available at the southern end of the trail. One is at the Thomaston Pollution Control Plant at the end of Booker Street, off of Route 1. The second is at the water tower, along a dirt road (Water Tower Road) off Route 1 across from the Thomaston Green.

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