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Spruce Mountain

The Spruce Mountain Trail is a steep climb to unobstructed views of Ragged Mountain and Penobscot Bay from a granite bald. It's a steep and rugged trail with wet sections from the Mt. Pleasant St. trailhead.

If you have friends or family in town and you want to show off the area in a short hike, this is a trail to take.


The trail begins from the east with a climb through a hardwood forest to a fork with the summit spur to your left. Beginning from the Mount Pleasant St. trailhead the trail winds through mixed-wood lowlands along the north shoulder of the mountain. Then it climbs a full mile uphill. Take rests! 


For the eastern end of the trail, use the Ragged Mountain parking lot on Route 17. Parking at the western trailhead is along Mt. Pleasant Street where there is an informal parking area between Mount Pleasant and Spruce Mountain.


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