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Georges River Land Trust

Sam Vail, Director of Development

Sam is a life-long resident of the Midcoast with an appreciation for good neighbors and well-made coffee. “The two have a lot in common,” says Sam. “Each one takes effort – both can change your life for the better.”

Sam joined Georges River Land Trust to continue his goal of supporting Maine communities through fundraising. “Volunteers, friends, family – so many aspects of life here are made possible by everyday people giving their time and energy to each other.” He believes development is the best way he can lend a hand. “All the organizations and people working to make the Midcoast special need money to make the rubber meet the road – I love helping make their work possible.”

Sam joined GRLT after leading development efforts at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland. Before that, he worked for the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association in Unity. “Dirt, art, water, land – it’s important to remember the common thread: people.” Sam emphasizes that nonprofits work best when they are in line with community needs. “The goal is always to build the mission around those it effects. GRLT’s climate vision does just that.”

Sam’s life-long appreciation for the outdoors started in his backyard on Appleton Ridge, overlooking the land now conserved on GRLT’s Appleton Preserve. Year after year, he watched his dad run the St. George River Race. Three weeks before starting at GRLT, Sam ran the river with his dad – and went for an unexpected swim. He thanks the humble inventor of the wet suit.

Sam looks forward to doing what he loves at GRLT: connecting great donors to great causes. “Maine has given me a lifetime of good days in the outdoors. My goal is to return the favor and protect the Maine landscape and all who depend on it.”

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