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Georges River Land Trust

Tucked away in the upper headwaters of the scenic Georges River in Liberty sits an idyllic island hideaway on Stevens Pond called Quigg Island. Conserving a 40-acre parcel on the northern section of the island will safeguard a thriving ecosystem, and ensure recreational access to this special place for generations to come. Watch the video below to get a sense of this magical place.


Public Access

An easy paddle from the public boat launch on Rt. 173, the conserved 40-acre parcel on the northern end of Quigg Island is a perfect destination for outdoor exploring. Its hemlock and white pine forest is carpeted with mosses, ferns and mushrooms. Trails crisscross the island leading to spectacular lookouts with views across Steven’s Pond.

Access to GRLT’s parcel of Quigg Island is available only by boat. Boaters can use the public landing on Rt. 173 to put in.  

Public Landing | Stephens Pond

Protecting Wildlife at Risk

Shallow waters and wetlands surrounding the island provide habitat for sensitive birds like herons, egrets, and bald eagles. Quigg Island is a critical piece of habitat which could be lost to development and conflicting land uses.

Supporting a Healthy Climate

The island, entirely wooded, is helping to mitigate global warming. Hemlock is a slow-growing species that can live for hundreds of years. The forest provides significant ecological value, supporting wildlife, microbial communities, absorbing water, and sequestering carbon to name a few.

Ensuring a Sustainably Managed Forest

The Land Trust will follow in the legacy of the Robbins brothers, of Robbins Lumber, who thoughtfully managed this forest for the last 50 years for a healthy stand of pine and hemlock.  Their sustainable timber management also protected healthy wildlife habitat. Through a nationally competitive grant for a “community forest project”, the Land Trust was awarded funding for this project.

You Can Make a Difference!

We need your help! The effort to conserve our parcel on Quigg Island by October 2020 is underway and every dollar counts. Your donation will defend this precious ecosystem and all the life it supports, ensuring there’s a future for the wild places we love. Will you help conserve Quigg Island?

Final $25,000 – Matching Challenge


$10,750/$25,000 Raised


Thanks to two generous donors, donations to finish the campaign will be matched! Contributions are tax-deductible.

Please consider joining our effort today. With your support, we can make this local gem a community resource for generations to come!

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