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Georges River Land Trust

A significant part of our mission is protecting the natural resources that make the midcoast region of Maine so wonderful and unique. We have conserved 4,025 acres. Our preserves are open dawn to dusk everyday for your enjoyment.

To protect land, we utilize a blend of conservation easements and fee ownership to conserve important lands forever. Currently, we steward 66 properties – we hold 47 conservation easements and we own and manage 19 properties, known as preserves. Click on a preserve below to learn more about why we chose it for conservation and for information on how to visit it.

Note: Conservation easement properties are privately owned and therefore are not open to the public for unaccompanied visitation.


  • Gibson Preserve

    Gibson Preserve

    Thanks to a generous gift from Charles Dana Gibson and Kay Gibson in 1999, and a couple of additions, the Land Trust owns and manages the Gibson Preserve, 165 wild acres on the Georges River in Searsmont. The preserve has a 4-mile trail network with great summer hiking and winter cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. ...

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  • Porter Preserve

    Porter Preserve

    In December 2004, Stephen and Marcie Porter donated 13 acres of land with 1,600 feet of frontage on the Georges River in Searsmont to the Land Trust. This generous gift added valuable acreage to protected land in the “wilderness loop,” a conservation focus area of the Land Trust, and is just upriver from the Read more



  • 100-Acre Island

    100-Acre Island

    We acquired 100-Acre Island in 1999 when three families – the Tappans, LaFarges and Birds – donated their undivided interests to us to ensure the island would remain undeveloped and accessible to the community. A small point, known as Wedding Point, on the southeastern shore is still owned by one of the families and is ...

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  • Appleton Preserve

    Appleton Preserve

    We acquired the 124-acre Appleton Preserve in 2006 with assistance from the Land for Maine’s Future Program. The property boasts high quality wildlife habitats along the Georges River and amongst its floodplain forest, forested and open wetlands, and upland conifer forests. Most of the Appleton Preserve consists of deep glaciomarine deposits ...

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  • Eagles Way Preserve

    Eagles Way Preserve

    In 2005, we acquired the 66-acre Eagles Way Preserve from the Carroll Family. The family had a strong interest in the natural world and traditionally used the property for hunting, timber, and nature exploration. Surrounded on three sides by water (Fuller Brook, Georges River, and the North Pond outlet stream), local fishermen continue to use ...

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  • Hall Preserve

    Hall Preserve

    Marion Hall donated two parcels of property in 1994 as a memorial to her late husband, George. One parcel, Eastman Meadow, is on the east shore of the Georges River north of Sennebec Pond, and the other, Newbert Meadow, is on the east shore of Sennebec Pond at the mouth of Allen Brook. Together, they ...

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  • Stickney Preserve

    Stickney Preserve

    Rebecca Stickney donated 14 acres on the summit of Barrett Hill in Union to the Georges River Land Trust in 1998, knowing the property would be best managed as a forever wild preserve. The entire property has been cleared in the past, but it is now grown in as a northern red oak forest with ...

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  • The Pool Preserve

    The Pool Preserve

    The Pool Preserve in Union is a little three-acre gem on a wild section of the Georges River. This section of the river was historically referred to as the “upper falls.” One of the locks in the historic Georges River Canal, dating back to the 1800’s, was located here, and its remains can be seen ...

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  • Ash Point Preserve

    Ash Point Preserve

    This 34-acre preserve in Owls Head was originally protected in 1986 through a conservation easement. The landowner decided to donate the property to the Land Trust in 2017 to provide public access to the spectacular views of Penobscot Bay and Ash Island.


    Students at Outward Bound helped to rejuvenate the trail, clear ...

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  • Brown Family Preserve

    Brown Family Preserve

    The Brown Preserve is in South Thomaston and comprises about 20 acres on a peninsula near the mouth of the Weskeag River. James and Constance Baum donated the property to the land trust in 2001 to establish the Alfred and Avis Brown Family Preserve. The Baums transferred the property with covenants to keep it “primitive ...

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  • Cross Cushing Nature Preserve

    Cross Cushing Nature Preserve

    The Cross Cushing Preserve comprises about 31 acres that nearly spans the width of the Cushing peninsula. In 2011, a group of 85 local residents donated the funds to purchase the property to establish a public hiking opportunity and the first public access to the Georges River for the town. The property is mostly woodland ...

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  • Jack Baker Woods

    Jack Baker Woods

    The Jack Baker Woods in Thomaston is a long and narrow 18-acre property located on Beechwood Street. It is a mix of softwoods (balsam fir and spruce) set amidst a high-function wetland. It primarily serves as a .5-mile trailhead to two sections of the Georges Highland Path. The preserve is ...

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  • Langlais Sculpture Preserve

    Langlais Sculpture Preserve

    The Langlais Sculpture Preserve was the 90-acre homestead of renowned Maine artist, Bernard “Blackie” Langlais and his wife Helen. “Blackie” created more than 3,500 indoor and outdoor works of art during his lifetime that are unique, edgy, very imaginative, and engaging to young and old.

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  • Pleasant Point Nature Preserve

    Pleasant Point Nature Preserve

    In 2008, we acquired the 65-acre Pleasant Point Nature Preserve in Cushing through the generous donation of a group of 25 families. They worked for a dozen years to purchase several adjacent lots of land on the lower Cushing peninsula. Nestled between Pleasant Point Road and Stone’s Point Road, the property features a mixed woodland ...

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  • Riverview Hayfields Preserve

    Riverview Hayfields Preserve

    The Riverview Hayfields Preserve in South Thomaston is central to the vision for our Bridging Two Rivers project. The goal of the Bridging Two Rivers project is to protect a ‘land bridge’ between the St. George and Weskeag Rivers.

    This area supports most of the last remaining open hay fields on the St. George peninsula, and ...

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  • Tommy’s Island

    Tommy's Island

    Tommy’s Island is a one-acre island situated in Long Cove in St. George, across from the former Great Eastern Mussel Company. Numerous non-native grass species occur on the island, evidence of historical sheep grazing. Scattered paper birch, red spruce, quaking aspen and white spruce occur throughout this mostly open island. The herb layer consists of ...

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  • Trolley Marsh Preserve

    Trolley Marsh Preserve

    The Trolley Marsh Preserve features 113 acres of open fields, young hardwood forests, mature pine, wetlands, perennial streams and marshland along the Georges River in Warren. The 1/3 mile of riverfront is home to coastal wading birds and waterfowl, and includes a large 18-acre salt hay marsh. This stretch of the river is inundated by ...

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