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Georges River Land Trust

Our Community Forest

In the winter of 2020 Georges River Land Trust acquired the northern half of Quigg Island on Stevens Pond in Liberty from Jim and Jenness Robbins. We have now established a community forest as part of a national effort sponsored by the U. S. Forest Service. We are pleased to be among this growing number of community forests across the country.

Lands conserved through the Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program contribute to healthy and flourishing communities by offering residents and community members a direct say in how land is stewarded over time, and providing places for people to get outdoors, connect with nature and each other, and offer direct economic benefits to the people in their communities.

These forests can enhance quality of life in local communities because the program is designed to provide access for recreation, education and tourism, offer forest-based products, produce forest-based services (carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, clean water, and fire risk mitigation), and foster economic development opportunities. To date, there are over 24,000 acres of community forests across the country that point to a growing movement towards increased local stewardship, participation and investment in community forests.

Going forward the Land Trust will be working with Robbins Lumber to manage the woodlands for the benefit of local wildlife populations, local visitors, and the economy while enhancing the forest’s ability to store carbon. Access to the northern end of the island with trails and scenic lookouts will allow residents and visitors to experience this special place, a bit of northern wilderness in midcoast Maine. The Land Trust welcomes opportunities for local schools and community groups to learn about forest ecology, water quality protection and habitats on the island.

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