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Georges River Land Trust

New Partner in Langlais Art Loan Program

The Georges River Land Trust (GRLT) is pleased to partner with MCH, Inc., based in Rockland, through the Langlais Art Loan Program. Several original paintings by Bernard Langlais, owned by the Georges River Land Trust, now hang at the Rankin Center and the Methodist Conference Home in Rockland on loan from the Langlais Sculpture Preserve in Cushing.

The gift of the Langlais Sculpture Preserve from the Kohler Foundation in 2015 to Georges River Land Trust included Langlais’ home and studio, as well as a dozen outdoor sculptures and many study collection works on paper, canvas, wood and masonite. As Langlais was incredibly prolific during his 10 years in Cushing, his estate included several thousand sculptures, large and small, as well as indoor paintings and drawings. Nearly 50 institutions in Maine benefited from a collaborative gift from Colby College and the Kohler Foundation of Langlais’ works that are identified at the LanglaisArtTrail.org website and can be seen in person. Many of his study collection pieces remained on the property and are now stewarded by the Georges River Land Trust, as part of the Langlais Sculpture Preserve. The Loan Program, with assistance from the Wyeth Foundation for American Art, has allowed the Land Trust to prepare some of these works for display and share Langlais’ creative genius in the community.

Stephen Cole, Housing Director at MCH, Inc., welcomes original art for the residents of the Rankin Center and Methodist Conference Home while supporting the outreach efforts of the Georges River Land Trust. “MCH, Inc. is very pleased to partner with Georges River Land Trust – not only do we get to display engaging works by the Maine artist Bernard Langlais, but we also get to help spread the word about the Langlais Sculpture Preserve,” says Mr Cole. Since 1969, MCH, Inc. has empowered elderly and disabled individuals to maintain independent, active lives through housing, Meals on Wheels and support services.

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