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Georges River Land Trust

Learn About Rockland Peat Bog

Georges River Land Trust is working to purchase 500+ acres of the western woodlands buffer of the Rockland Bog, increasing the protected wilderness in Rockland’s backyard, by 50%. New public access will be created into this amazing resource area.

Why protect the Rockland Bog? Learn about Rockland’s biggest, oldest, ecological secret.

The Rockland Bog is home to waterfowl, wading birds, warblers, deer, beaver, rabbits and other wildlife. For generations, it’s been a favorite of local outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and hikers. Since it is the largest peat bog in midcoast Maine, it’s a giant sponge that stores carbon, mitigating the effects of climate change, and protecting the health of the Oyster and St. George Rivers. And it’s beautiful as you can see in this video flyover.

GRLT was awarded a grant from the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program (MNRCP) mitigation funds for this project. MNRCP awards mitigation funding to protect valuable aquatic resources throughout the state and GRLT was one of 10 awards in midcoast Maine in 2022.

The grant award took us halfway to our goal to secure these parcels in perpetuity. For more information and to help us reach our goal, contact Annette Naegel, Director of Land Protection. Please consider a gift to this important climate change mitigation project that will also provide significant new public access to this incredible area!

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