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Georges River Land Trust

Land trusts exist to protect the special places in our landscape that hold conservation value. We are a community service provider, offering expertise and conservation options to landowners, as well as engaging in open space planning with municipalities.

With individual landowners, we help to develop a plan that best reflects the landowner’s goals for his/her property as well as conservation values of the land itself. As an advisor, our role is to assist in executing the plan which can involve an easement, donation or sale of the land.

At the community level, we assist in identifying properties determined by towns to be in need of conservation. Lands protected by a land trust can include public access to water resources and natural areas, trails for hiking and other low impact recreational activities, hunting and fishing, and traditional resource uses such as forestry and agriculture.

Most of our preserves are open for public access.

An Invitation to work with Georges River Land Trust

If you own land within the watershed of the Georges River and are thinking of conserving your property, please contact us. You may be considering conservation for a variety of reasons: you want to see your property remain principally undeveloped, you may recognize a special feature that you believe should be shared with others, you may want to pass the legacy of your land as you know it to your children, or you may be concerned about taxes and your ability to keep the land. We would be pleased to discuss the techniques for conservation that are best suited to your land and to your personal goals.

Start here to learn more about the steps to create a conservation easement. Also available is a comprehensive guide to conservation options for landowners.