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Georges River Land Trust

Why I Support GRLT: Jane Karker, Trail Steward

“As a lifelong trail user, I feel a sense of obligation. I like the conservation aspect and how GRLT addresses climate change by protecting these habitats. GRLT is a great mix of people. No matter what your political outlook is, I’m hoping we can all come together to agree on conserving this beautiful watershed.”

  • GRLT Supporter Since: 1996
  • Home: South Thomaston, on a beautiful farm on the Saint George River
  • What I do: I own Custom Museum Publishing and Maine Authors Publishing. We specialize in art catalogs, marketing material, and cooperative-style publishing for local authors, artists, and historical societies. We will hold our second Maine Authors Book Festival in August of 2021 in Thomaston.
  • An accomplishment I am most proud of: My passion is to provide meaningful work for graduates of liberal arts, English, and the arts as my employees. A big challenge in Maine is to retain our talent. I am proud I have made a dent in that.
  • My dream: Is to retire or semi-retire so that I can do more volunteer trail work with GRLT and have more time to spend exploring the outdoors.
  • My favorite trail or preserve: The Bobolink Trail at the Riverview Hayfields Preserve. As an amateur birder, I appreciate how the farmers have historically agreed not to hay the fields until the Bobolinks have fledged. I call this area “The Big Sky.” I live near the trail and I have seen a variety of wildlife here—moose, otters, fishers, porcupines, eagles, foxes, eastern coyotes, deer, and even a bobcat.

GRLT  members like Jane Karker, enjoy using and stewarding GRLT Trails and Preserves while supporting GRLT’s ongoing work to protect new habitat, farms and forests in the watershed. We invite you to get involved!