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Georges River Land Trust

“Maine’s climate is changing. The state has warmed about three degrees (F) since the year 1900. Throughout the northeastern United States, spring is arriving earlier and bringing more precipitation, heavy rainstorms are more frequent, and summers are hotter and drier. Sea level is rising, and severe storms increasingly cause floods that damage property and infrastructure. In the coming decades, changing the climate is likely to increase flooding; harm ecosystems; disrupt fishing, agriculture, and winter recreation; and increase some risks to human health.” US EPA

So how much time have we got? 8 years? 26 years?

The time to act on reducing carbon in our atmosphere is now. Georges River Land Trust has – for 30+ years – conserved land, and will continue to provide natural climate solutions by conserving land with an eye to preserving habitat, storing and sequestering carbon, staving off salt marsh intrusion, and protecting water resources. Join us today to help bring climate education and mobilization to the fore.