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The Appleton Preserve

With 300 species of plants and 7 different natural communities, Appleton Preserve holds diverse wonders. The trail from the parking lot follows the St. George River offering many views and fishing spots. You'll enjoy a smooth forestry road of mosses, pine needles and grass and a single-track, forestry interpretive trail through diverse hemlock stands.

From the intersection of Routes 131 and 105 in Appleton, go east on Route 105 for ½ mile. Parking is available at the ME Inland Fisheries & Wildlife gravel lot on the right, just before the bridge across the Georges River. Please do not park in the Blue Crow Studio driveway or use it as a turnaround!


Access from the parking lot is a short but steep downhill trail that quickly flattens out along the river. There are some seasonal mud and ice patches in colder months. The gravel road is very smooth but there is a snowmobile bridge that requires a step up. The lollipop loop at the end of the road has steep inclines. The forestry trail has many inclines, roots, and uneven surfaces. Be prepared for seasonal flooding and icy patches.

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