Water Quality Monitoring Programs

Weskeag Monitoring Project

Georges River Land Trust is partnering with Friends of the Weskeag, a citizen advocacy organization, to gain a better understanding of the health of the Weskeag (both the freshwater and estuarine portions) through a volunteer water quality monitoring effort. Nearly a dozen helpers have eagerly stepped forward to be part of the team effort launching this summer to establish baseline information that will allow for further study of this important estuary, such as fish community and aquatic habitat assessments. The state river monitoring program (VRMP) is also partnering with us to provide the sampling equipment, volunteering training and data analysis for the Weskeag Monitoring Project.

The report for the 2015 monitoring season is here. It provides a snapshot of the river during one growing season. These first year results show there are potentially numerous stresses on the river as it is close to Route One. They may include non-point source pollution from such things as petroleum resides, road salt, and storm-water originating from impervious surfaces. The goal will be to continue monitoring to develop long term trends while investigating potential issues and concerns. Thanks to our volunteers for their commitment to this process and we look forward to the 2016 monitoring season. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Annette Naegel, Conservation Program Manager at 594-5166.

Past Efforts on the Georges River

Building upon efforts that began in 1990, our sister organization, the Georges River Tidewater Association, has established a coordinated and comprehensive citizen-run monitoring program for the Georges River estuary. This program monitors water quality from 16 locations accessible by boat and shore and plays an important role in collecting data and providing the information needed to make decisions about the future of the estuary. “Estuary watchers” look for troubled spots, monitor trends, and are making a vital contribution toward improving and protecting the health of the Georges River estuary. As of 2015, this program has been temporarily suspended.


Additional information:

State of the River Report – 2012