Langlais Sculpture Preserve Videos

A special thank you to the filmmakers for the enormous amount of time they put into producing these films.

The Conservators
Filmaker and GRLT artist-in-residence, Michael Sacca, produced this 15-minute documentary to tell the story of the Kohler Foundation art conservators who spent more than 3 years lovingly restoring Blackie’s art. The Kohler Foundation gifted 3,000 pieces of art to nonprofit and educational institutions across Maine, many of which are available to the public on the Langlais Art Trail.

How the Langlais Sculpture Preserve Came to Be
This 10-minute documentary tells the story of the collaboration of three organizations – Colby College Museum of Art, Kohler Foundation Inc., and Georges River Land Trust – and the effort to restore and preserve Langlais’ artistic legacy.