Langlais Sculpture Preserve


The Grand Opening for this exciting new preserve will be Saturday, September 16, 2017!

The Langlais Sculpture Preserve is the 90-acre Cushing homestead of renowned Maine artist, Bernard “Blackie” Langlais and his wife Helen. “Blackie” created over 3,000 indoor and outdoor works of art during his lifetime, many of them constructed in response to the Maine landscape. More than 12 large wooden sculptures will remain on site for the public to enjoy, restored by the Kohler Foundation who gifted the property to the Georges River Land Trust in November, 2015. Unique, edgy and very creative, Langlais created pieces on the land that are accessible and engaging to young and old. Visit our online Langlais photo gallery.

We are excited to share a 10-minute documentary that tells the story of the collaboration of three organizations – Colby College Museum of Art, Kohler Foundation Inc., and Georges River Land Trust – and the effort to restore and preserve Langlais’ artistic legacy. The Kohler Foundation gifted 3,000 pieces of art to nonprofit and educational institutions across Maine, many of which are available to the public on the Langlais Art Trail.

We would like to extend a special thank you to John and Yoke DiGiorgio for the enormous amount of time they put into producing this film.

BERNARD LANGLAIS Restoring And Preserving The Legacy.
Produced by John and Yoke DiGiorgio.

The Langlais Sculpture Preserve is located at 576 River Road, Cushing, ME 04563